YouTube Ads Results from Kim Blanc & the Adsvisore Team
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We Consistently Help Coaches & Consultants Scale With YouTube Ads
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Success Stories
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Trey Cockrum (Consulting Business Coach)

Turned a few clicks into $30,000 Coaching Program Revenue 
within 48 hours of launching his new YouTube Ads....ūüďą

"This is better than [insert famous guru name here]'s YouTube Ads coaching!"

Susan Lassiter-Lyons (Women's Investing Coach)

Generates 1 new high quality, coaching application everyday 
& Books out her calendar a month in advance at 4.9x return on advertising!

4.9x ROAS over the last month without even touching her ads! ūüďą
This is what happens when you create a high converting YouTube Ad...

John Reh (Real Estate Agent Coach)

Booking sales calls for his recurring high ticket offer as low as $15 each on autopilot!

Andrew Benikos (Fitness Business Coach)

Transferred his success from Facebook Ads over to YouTube Ads and his
Sales Call Conversion Rate Scaled up  from 20% to 50%!

Christian D Evans (Ecom Business Coach)

Went from Facebook Account Shutdowns to 
Scaling up to $126,000 per month and 7x ROAS with YouTube Ads

Scaled his YouTube Ads from $50 a day to $500 a day! 

Imaging waking up to dozens of ales calls  booked into your calendar 
on autopilot from your YouTube Ads

Tyson Johnson (Men's Health Coach)

Getting applications every week and hit his first $21,000 month purely from paid ads!

Grant Gaudes (High Ticket Business Owner)

Scaled his business from $30k to $110k with just 1 YouTube video and he still can't believe it because he thought this only happens for others, never him!

Online sales are up 96% in historically Grant's worst quarter of the year! ūüďą
This is was after 30 days of launching his very 1st YouTube Ad

G.Kairu Kihara (Men's Dating Coach)

In Facebook jail and couldn't advertise his offers for 3 years
He now receives 2-3 new applications per day for his high ticket coaching program

Contractor Convergence (Construction Business Coaches)

Went from slow and expensive Facebook Ads to 
Scaling their business to $500k in 4 months with YouTube Ads

Steve Gordon (Business Marketing Consultant)

Closed $75,000 worth of Business Deals and another $30,000 contracted
With only $10,000 invested in his YouTube Ads (7.5X ROAS!)

Tim Descoteaux (High Ticket Business Owner)

Scaled his business to 7-Figures a year using YouTube Ads he shot off his iphone

Josh Williams (Scaling & Systems Coach)

Acquired over $20,000 in upfront fees and revenue shares - 6 figure contracts EACH 

Below you will see ongoing Client Results 
as of Aug 2022

Consistent Scaling With YouTube Ads
Same ad...Same Targeting...Same Funnel. 
But 2.7x more high ticket leads once the ads dialed in!

P.S this was 60 days of not having to deal with Facebook ad account shutdowns....

Booked 3 - 9 Sales Calls a Day for $15k+ Offer With YouTube Ads

Yes the meetings are called "Serious Buyers Meetings"! That's because this client was so upset with the quality of leads he was getting from his previous ad platform he told Kim, "SEND ME THE SERIOUS BUYERS!"

Behind The Scenes of A Successful High Ticket YouTube Ads Campaign ‚Üí
321 High Ticket Phone Leads for $12.00 (For $15k offer)

Steve's sitting on a YouTube Ads Goldmine at 9.5x ROAS on cold traffic
 $57k Revenue Generated on $6k YouTube Ads Budget 

Naomi Uses her YouTube Video Ads on Facebook 
and Getting Better Results than Ordinary Facebook Ads!

All you need is 1 YouTube Ad to Scale Your Online Coaching Business.
This client replaced their previous YouTube Ad from a competitor program with our custom Adsvisore Ads and not only dropped her cost per application down from $144 to $40 but she increased her leadflow of perfect-fit clients by 10x!

50% Close Rate on YouTube Ads Leads ūüďą
This is what happens when you combine the right audience with the right funnel....

Doubled Leads and Booked Calls from YouTube Ads for Coaching Programs!

The Secret to Creating High Converting YouTube Ads 
that Look & Feel Authentic! 

What's the experience like creating your very 1st YouTube Ad?

When's the last time you launched a new coaching ad campaign and 
received your first application for $62?

See what other YouTube Ad Marketers have to say about Kim.... 

Having doubts about getting help from Kim? 
Tim had doubts too! See what he has to say...

High Ticket Coaching Program Campaign Ready to Scale ‚Üí
Consistently generating high ticket leads for under $20.00

How do you record videos for the YouTube Ads?
See how other clients record videos with ease...

Sneak Peak of The High Converting YouTube Ads We Create ‚Üí

YouTube Ads for Retargeting Your Audience

794 Leads Captured at $2.81 Cost per Lead from Retargeting YouTube Ads  

Adsvisore 3 Step-YouTube Ads Process

1. High Converting Video Ad

  • Step 1:¬†We script a¬† high converting YouTube Video¬† Ad that not only consistently generates high ticket leads and sales for your business, but will position you as the leader and authority in your niche. This video scales your brand simultaneously as it scales your revenue to ensure more people start coming to you organically.

2. YouTube Ads AI Targeting

  • Step 2:¬†FBI-like targeting powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This finds your exact client/customers on YouTube who are not only interested in what you have to offer but have the funds to invest in your High Ticket program.¬†

  3. Unlocked YouTube Ads Funnel 

  • Step 3: A¬†Customized funnel designed specially to work with YouTube video traffic. To properly monetize the views you're buying we need to have a proper system in place to ensure they start on a relevant YouTube video and end up a call with you as a qualified prospect.¬†
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