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Our mission is to make paid client acquisition simple, easy and predictable.

We believe in seeing track records before partnering up with anyone online. So here's what we've done over the last 6 years...

June 2018

After acquiring a 4 year Bachelors Degree from Florida Atlantic University, I pursued the online marketing path and become the head marketing for

Jan 2019

We spent the past 6 months heavily investing into Facebook Ads that produced no profit, and I knew there had to be a better way to grow online companies through paid ads.

At the time I invested all my income from working at Bigtoolrack into online courses and coaching.

One of which was a copywriting mastermind. They advised us to survey our customers and ask "where did you find us?"

So we did... and most said YOUTUBE.

We had 0 marketing on YouTube but it produced majority of our sales. It made no sense but we knew we had to pivot and try something new

Jan 2020 

12 months of testing through trial and error we cracked the code to YouTube Ads.

A years worth of consistently running video ads (that we recorded from our cellphones) produced over $1,001,000 in high ticket sales!

 Nov 2020

After a successful 2020 we were able to get featured on Fox News which was a honor and really cemented all the hard work we had done the past 2 years.

May 2020

During all the hype, I was approached by Steve from Swim Spa Source. Steve had a thriving youtube channel and wanted our help to run ads on youtube to get more sales.

We rushed to help Steve out!

Working with Steve, I made the transition to fully online high ticket sales to closing clients and customers over the phone.

So we generate leads from YouTube and closed them via phone sales (the backbone of our work now)

Aug 2020

Yet again , we cracked the YouTube Ads code - but this time for high ticket phone sales.

Day after day we flooded Steve's calendar with sales appointments with prospect who were simply googling for his services on Google and served them ads on Google.

Steve renamed his appointments to "SERIOUS BUYER MEETINGS" due to the quality of leads he was getting from YouTube.

Jan 2021 

After years of honing of my craft and help business owners with YouTube Ads, I founded as a consultancy.

With our experience and expertise, clients results took off.

March 2022

Clients were getting amazing results but we felt like it was being kept in the dark like secret meetings.

So we added a community element to our client services to inspire others.

Our Strategy and client community advanced to the point that we're AMAZED at what's being accomplished!


After years of honing of my craft and help business owners with YouTube Ads, I founded as a consultancy.

Our mission was (and still is) to make paid make paid client acquisition simple, easy and predictable.

Throughout this journey we've been able to work with amazing entrepreneurs and change the world through their products and services.

1 out of every 5 client that works with us hits the 7 figure mark!

And 50% of our clients scale to 6 figures within 12 months of working with us!

We are here to serve.
-Kim Blanc
Founder of

Latest Wins From Some Of Our Best Clients

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Disclaimer: All testimonials on this page are from real clients. The results you see on this page are not typical. Their experiences do not guarantee similar results. Individual results may vary based on your skills, experience, motivation, as well as other unforeseen factors. 

Chris Anastasio, Tax Relief Street

We helped Chris generate up to 15 sales appointments per week for his tax consultancy. He generated approx $35,000 in service fees.

Christian D-Evans, Elite Side Hustler

We helped Christian after his Facebook Account got shutdown. He launched his YouTube Ads and scaled up to $126,000 per month at a 7x ROAS!

Grant Gaudes, Canadian Agri Tech

We helped Grant launch his very 1st YouTube Ad campaign shot from his backyard. He went on to hit $171,000 per month in high ticket sales!

Sameem Rouhani, Fitness Business Mentors

We helped finally break past $80,000 per month and hit $300,000 per month. He was happy to no longer rely on Facebook Ad or group marketing.

Rick Friesen, Contractor Convergence

We helped Rick and his partners escape the slow and expensive Facebook Ads rollercoaster. They scaled to $500,000 in 4 months.

John Reh, Likeableagent

John was already running YouTube Ads to get clients but they weren't converting. We helped him get his cost per call down to $15!

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